TARS Program

Engine Development Program

The first phase of development of the turbopump-driven engine is the TARS-1 engine. Built as a pathfinder to both manufacture hand-woven ablative chambers as well as get comfortable with testing larger liquid-fueled rocket engines. Since it is a test bed, we also decided to conduct research on it to aid the amateur community hopefully with data. This data will include a condition called flow separation has on small composite rocket engines.

Update 10/01/2022

Hardware! Here’s a quick integrated test of one of our two main propellant valves with the mounted pneumatic solenoid valve. Test stand assembly is in full swing!

Update 09/03/2022

WE DID IT! Magnetar is fully funded! In the coming days we'll be sending thank you notes to each backer - without you, our project could not be possible. Expect lots of hardware photos in the next month, we hope you're excited as we are for the first-ever TARS-1 engine test!

Update 08/13/2022

The first TARS-1 rocket engine is assembled and ready to begin proof testing and pass all the pre-static fire milestones starting with a hydrostatic proof test to make sure the chamber can withstand firing pressures.

Update 07/26/2022

The Rocket Kart 1.0 CAD is done! This will be the test stand used to test TARS-1 along with future assemblies including gas generators. Designed to be integrated with an I-beam at FAR (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) this modular design lets us have lots of flexibility in test design and operations.